1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - 429 Cobra Jet 4 Speed

Now for sale this immaculate restored '71 Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet 4 speed manual, located in Perth, WA.

1971 was the year Mustangs first saw the mighty 429 cubic inch Cobra Jet, another outstanding high performance big block from Ford following on from the success of their 427 and 428 engines of the '60s.

The 429 CJ followed on from the mighty NASCAR focussed Boss 429 of 1969 /1970, and replaced the earlier 428CJ 'FE' series in two versions; the 429 C-code without Ram Air and 429 J-Code with Ram Air.

Both featured bigger heads with larger ports and valves, stamped steel rocker arms, guide plates like used in the Boss 302's, compression was increased from 10.5:1 to 11.3:1, and were both rated at a conservative 370hp. The new motor known as the '385' series has often been referred to as a big-block Cleveland with similar block and canted valve head configuration.

Unfortunately, due to harsh new insurance and emission standards imposed on the big manufacturers at the time this wonderful new performance engine was phased out later in 1971, thereby becoming the last of the famous Ford performance big blocks.

The '385' was able to continue in its lower revving torque churning 460 cubic inch form powering the luxury Ford Lincoln Continentals and full sized Mercury range until 1978, then a raft of heavy duty truck and workhorse applications right up until 1997 - now that's a good engine!

A total of nearly 150,000 mustangs were produced in the 1971 model year, with approximately 35,000 of these being delivered in the top of the line Mach 1 spec. However of these only 556 cars were built with the J-Code Ram Air engine combined with the close ratio 4 speed Top Loader gearbox. This makes any J-code Mach 1 a very rare and significant muscle car!

This beautiful and rare car was imported into Australia by the current owner 3 years ago. This car retains its original 429 engine block and matching 4-speed manual transmission with the original Hurst shifter.

Originally delivered in Light Pewter Metallic the car was repainted in Ford's Bright Red during a comprehensive restoration 10 years ago.

The motor, transmission and rear end were all checked and serviced as needed. Any mechanical issues, such as the brakes and suspension have all been serviced or rebuilt to as-new condition.

The car retains all of its original body panels, sound deadener and glass. The interior is like new and in fantastic condition. All the gauges work as they should.

Air conditioning and power windows were added during restoration. And the vehicle is now fitted with 15 x 7" Trans-Am type Performance alloy wheels and is supplied with its original set of Magnum 500 rims.

The car comes with a set of Ford OEM manuals, a copy of the purchase receipt, a deluxe Marti report, and is supplied with all import documentation and is currently registered with full WA rego. Plates are included to a WA buyer.

This is a super rare and exceptional big block Mustang and head turner at any corner. Located for inspection in Perth, WA. (Ref. 6032)

If you wish we will gladly arrange a video tour of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door enclosed transport anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Call Mike on 0414 278 604 or Rod on 0499 577 997 and let us assist you with your inquiries. Also please note if you have a quality Muscle or Classic car you wish to list or have valued please give us a call at AMCS, we will be happy to assist you.






63R - 2 Door Sports Roof Mach 1


J Code - 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air


6 - 4 Speed Top Loader


A - 3.50:1 9 inch LSD upgrade


Dec, 1970