1980 Ford XD Fairmont Ghia - HO Phase 5

Super rare one of only 25 Phase 5 HO Falcons built. For sale in Brisbane, QLD.

The late Wayne Draper is well known for his Blue Oval muscle cars including the XY Falcon GTHO Phase 3. Working alongside the then Ford racing team manager Howard Marsden, Wayne worked in the design department at Ford Australia as a rookie. According to his son Rob, "He enjoyed a lifelong fascination and obsession with these cars, a passion he never lost."

Rob notes that, following Allan Moffat's Bathurst victory in 1971 in the Phase III, the infamous supercar scare killed the development of the Phase IV. Wayne and the other Ford designers were upset that Ford was dropping the GT-HO and Wayne decided to keep the HO alive by teaming up with drag racing guru Bob McWilliam as a silent partner in the business known as Phase Autos. Phase Autos started by manufacturing spoilers for XA, XB and XC Falcons.

By the late 70s, Draper, then a senior Ford designer, began developing the XD-based Phase 5 to homologate the Falcon for Group C touring car racing for drivers Garry Willmington, Murray Carter, and Moffat. As far as the Ford bigwigs knew, the Phase 5 was the work of McWilliam and CAMS delegate Murray Carter. The story goes that one day they were doing a test day with Moffat and the Ford executives rocked up. According to Rob, Wayne was there and there was a bit of a confrontation. Dad got told, 'If it wasn't you that did this we'd fire you - and you're lucky they're so quick.'

Wayne had used Ford's facilities to design the car, their clay and their wind-tunnel. But the XD Group C proved so popular with privateer teams, giving Ford a no-cost presence in local tintop racing and Wayne was in their good books once again.

The company became known as HO Phase Autos and continued with the Phase 6, which was to be Moffat's next Group C race car designing and producing flares and front and rear spoilers for race and street XEs.

Not long after relocating to Strath Creek, Victoria, in 2008, the new Homologation Options headquarters were destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires. Wayne worked to rebuild the business, but in July 2009 suffered a further setback when he was diagnosed with cancer.

For sale is a stunning super rare XD Fairmont Ghia PHASE 5 HO. This car is one of only 25 Phase 5s built. Three were built as race cars including one for Dick Johnson.

This Phase 5 runs the original 5.8L V8 and 4 speed manual Top Loader gearbox and is presented in factory Silver Grey with stunning SAAS front seats. The Phase 5 is unmodified with all original running gear, original Bilstein shocks and is mechanically in excellent maintained condition.

The car features the original interior in excellent condition for its age. The option sheet includes factory Air conditioning and electric windows and the car also has power steering fitted. Now showing 266,980 klms with verification letter from Ford and from Rob Draper of Phase 5 Autos.

Originally sold through Jeff Wignall Ford, Mornington, VIC, the car was then retailed via Byrne Ford, Chermside, Brisbane in 1984 and has been in the Brisbane area ever since. Currently riding on Simmons 16x7 front and 16x8 on the rear with good rubber.

Comes with all verification letters, an old photo of the car when just completed by Phase Autos plus documentation about Phase Autos and the Phase 5 HO.

Located in Brisbane, QLD. (Ref: 5908)

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JG32XC 54308K










03 - Seat belts

40 - Air conditioning

46 - Power operated windows

73 - AM/FM Radio Cassette player


May - 1980

Selling Dealer:

3605 - Jeff Wignall Ford, Mornington, VIC

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