1985 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Now for sale is this rare 1985 factory Black De Tomaso Pantera GTS running a 351 4V Cleveland and 5 speed ZF gearbox. Located in our Mortdale, Sydney Showroom. Offers invited over $275,000.

How to describe the De Tomaso Pantera GTS? A car with the amazing good looks of a Lamborghini or a Maserati with a huge lump of 351 Cleveland balanced in the midst. An Italian body, with the heart of a big American. An affordable super car that's easy on the eye, easy to own and maintain.

The De Tomaso is the result of Henry Ford II's failed attempt to buy Ferrari in the 1960s. So instead, he bought Ferrari's neighbour - the Alessandro De Tomaso Motor company. De Tomaso built a Ford V8 engined, spaceframed, semi-exotic car called the Mangusta which was then re-engineered with all-steel integral con­struction to became the Pantera GTS. Production rose sharply and Ford, touting it as an Italian supercar, shifted them at an impressive rate. In less than three years around 6,000 were sold, mainly in the US through Lincoln dealers.

By 1974, Ford had lost interest in the Pantera project and sold the business back to De Tomaso who decided instead to concentrate on building quality into the car with the intention of offering Ferrari Boxer or Lamborghini Countach performance and style but at a considerably lower price. The days of near-mass production were gone and production was limited to fewer than 200 cars a year.

For sale is one of these wonderous and now quite rare Pantera GTSs. Starting life in South Africa, this special order narrow body factory black Pantera GTS is an ONE-OF-ONE special order right hand drive GTS. The current enthusiast owner imported the Pantera GTS into Australia 5 years ago and the car comes with all the import paperwork.

Running gear is a mid mounted All American 351 4V Cleveland V8 driving through a 5 speed ZF transaxle with limited slip differential. The engine features a four barrel Holley carb, special cams, stronger valve springs and some work on the heads. This gives a claimed 350 bhp at 6,000 rpm with a mighty 333 lb ft torque at 3,800 rpm. That's enough go for 160 mph in fifth! Or 0-60 MPH in a claimed time of 5.5 seconds. The Pantera GTS can back up its good looks with lots of go!

The current owner has spent a lot of money at Autotech Engineering in Sydney with receipts for $60,000 covering a major rebuild to the motor and gearbox. The result is a car now mechanically in perfect condition. A brand new stainless exhaust has been fitted and is guaranteed to shake up the neighbourhood.

The interior is completely original with plush Grey leather Maserati seats, wonderful Burr walnut timber inserts, Momo steering wheel and Veglia gauges. The car is showing 59,525 miles which is believed to be the genuine original miles. This is a solidly built car. The large doors are heavy and close with a satisfying clunk. The whole of the interior is beautifully finished in soft leather and you get an overwhelming sense of craftsmanship.

Other than the Speedo and tachometer, there are two banks of four warning lights on the dashboard with a single stalk on the steering column that operates main beam, horn and indicators. The other functions are operated by rocker switches which, along with auxiliary dials, are arranged on a central console. The designer’s masterpiece is a digital clock in front of the passenger.

Luggage space is fairly generous with a fibreglass luggage container in the rear which can be easily removed for access to the engine and transmission while, at the front, there is a compartment which stores a space-saver spare tyre. (Factory space saver spare wheel and tool kit supplied with the car). The car also comes with the factory rear wing supplied but not fitted.

This is definitely not a car for anyone who wants to be invisible in a crowd. With the stunning Italian good looks comes lots of attention. And with the enthusiastic exhaust note you are definitely going to be noticed. This is a car that needs an open road to stretch her very sexy legs and a nice country pub destination for a cold beer and a nice relaxed lunch upon arrival.

Life with a De Tomaso? We don't think it could any better!

Located in our Mortdale, Sydney Showroom for your inspection. Offers invited over $275,000. (Ref. 5821)

If you wish we will gladly arrange a video tour of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with enclosed door to door transport anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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Offers above $275,000 invited





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