2016 FG-X XR6 Falcon Sprint ... 3,396 Klms

In 2002, Ford Australia launched the BA Falcon and while the entire line-up was a huge step forward from the AU Falcon, there was one model that really led the way. It was the birth of what is arguably Australia's heartiest force-fed car, the Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo.

Fast forward to 2016 and the final iteration of the Turbo XR6 was revealed. If you wanted a car that would put a smile on your dial, then this was the one!

The ultimate version of the FG-X Turbo was the Falcon XR6 Sprint. Limited to just 550 units, you won't have any troubles picking the XR6 Turbo Sprint in traffic.

With its signature hockey stick style stripe decal, Sprint badges, staggered 19" alloy wheels in black, 6-piston (front), 4-piston (rear) Brembo brakes in gold, numbered build plates located on the engine and unique rear deck spoiler.

Powering the XR6 Turbo Sprint is a well known engine that has been boosted sky high. It's a 4.0-litre turbocharged inline six-cylinder that produces an impressive 325kW of power and 576Nm of torque (that's 55kW and 43Nm more than the XR6 Turbo). But, the best part is that it has an inbuilt overboost feature than can increase power and torque outputs to 370kW and 650Nm respectively. Overboost in the turbo six can only be described as lunacy.

For sale is this two owner XR6 Sprint that has travelled a genuine 3,396klms from new. Bought from an elderly Ford collector in Sydney the current owner has detailed the Sprint to perfection.

The car comes with all Ford log books, owners manuals, dealership sales brochure and Wheels Magazine display stand plus all the magazines featuring the XR6 Sprint. The car also has much of the factory plastic protection still in place and Ford stock number on the front windscreen. And with a new car on the way, the owner is selling this future Ford collector car to make room in the shed.

With no more Ford Falcons being manufactured, this is a perfect opportunity to grab a near brand new XR6 Sprint.

Victorian rego until March 2021. Sold with standard Victorian number plates if sold to a Victorian buyer.

Melbourne based car for your inspection. (Ref: 5504)














April, 2016