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A lot has been happening at Australian Muscle Car Sales recently. We have achieved some significant high end sales of Aussie Muscle cars making this a great time to take advantage of a very strong market to either realise your investment or upgrade to an even better example. AMCS has now opened a new state of the art Showroom facility in Sydney offering our customers an outstanding retail venue to market their car from in addition to an online listing with us. Plus AMCS has joined forces with renowned Concourse winning Falcon GT Restorations P/L to offer our customers the best quality in restoration workmanship. Our sales force has now grown with the addition of several new enthusiasts to the team so that we can better service our Buyers and Sellers. So what is hot at the moment?

What is happening in the Australian Muscle Car scene at the moment?

As expected, there is strong demand for anything closely related to Bathurst.

Included are the old faithfuls like A9X and L34 Toranas, LC/LJ XUIs, Bathurst Monaros, XW, XY GTHOs and E38/E49 Chargers. But some other cars have been making impressive gains as well. For example, AMCS has recently sold no less than three Bathurst Cobras - two for close to $400,000 and one for close to $500,000. XY GTs in good colour combos with good options have been selling for more than $200,000. Good XW GTs have been scarce on the ground and their values are increasing as the rest of the market moves up. XA and XB GTs are now achieving sales of over $100,000.

XR and XT GTs have finally come into their own with good cars hard to find and the collectors finally recognising their importance. AMCS sees excellent potential here.

Brock and early HSV Commodores are also starting to move up over the $100,000 mark with some recent spectacular sales of low mileage VK and VL Group As being achieved. Limited numbers of cars on the market is also putting upward pressure on the values of these cars.

Anything in Coupes is going through the roof. For example AMCS has recently sold a couple of RPO XA GT Coupes for over $200,000. And the SS Torana hatches are bringing excellent money with factory 5 litre cars now bringing over $100,000. Even standard Falcon, Holden and Chrysler coupes are now in demand pushing their values up as well. Interestingly there is also some upward movement in the later XD, XE Falcons and standard Kingswood and Commodore models.

The market is appreciating good quality well restored cars as well. For example a stunning Silver mink HK GTS Monaro 307 was sold for $200,000. Good quality unrestored cars are fetching top money with the market recognising the importance of survivor cars.

One type of car that has disappeared from the market are the replica XY GTs. With the cost of building these replicas skyrocketing, less good quality replicas are being built and therefore AMCS believes that the prices for quality Replicas will increase.

What does all this mean? Well the market strength means that potentially it is a good time to realise your investment or upgrade to an even better collector car.

AMCS is well positioned to assist you with our newly renovated showroom facility in Sydney offering you an alternative place to market your car.

Please give Mike Selby (0414 278 604) a call to discuss your buying or selling requirements.

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