VL Walkinshaw ..1,570Klm!!..$130K!!!

A VERY SPECIAL CAR! Genuine 1570 Klm Walkinshaw Commodore. BRAND NEW condition. 2 owner car from new. Original everything, including air in tyres. Never seen water. All brochures, receipts and dockets in plastic. Heaps of spares. One for the collector. Newcastle, NSW car.



Build No:



As these vehicles's left HSV in 1988, the lower body skirts were never fitted as factory standard (Documentation from HSV to confirm this). This vehicle has complete lower body skirts with only pre-marked hole's (never been drilled to fit) Vehicle has full history only owned by two owners and only driven by these two owners. All log books, sales receipts, dealer sales card, SS Group A video and many other brochures on the VL Walkinshaw. (see photos attached).

Build - Number 699 0f 750. This vehicle is as BRAND NEW and will pass any inspection.

List of accessories that will go with vehicle

1 Car-coon that the vehicle is currently stored in

4 Extra Genuine VL Walkinshaw Wheels purchased from Holden Dealership.

(New still in plastic)

4 Genuine VL Walkinshaw Centre Caps purchased from Holden Dealership.

(New still in plastic)

1 SS Group A Boot Lid Decal purchased from Holden Dealership.

(New still in plastic)

4 HSV / Emblems that match the ones around the vehicle purchased from Holden Dealership (New still in boxes)

1 Genuine Oil Filter to Suit VL Walkinshaw purchased from Holden Dealership (New still in box)

1 Tyre RE71 205/65/16 Brand New Never Used.

1 New Hood Clip

3 Wheels Magazines featuring the VL Walkinshaw 1987, 1988, 2008 issues.

All Stickers & Markings on the vehicle are in excellent condition and are clearly read.

Examples of Stickers & Markings Locations are

Power steering pump


Engine covers

Wiring harness

Tag on engine block attached with copper wire (attached near engine mount right hand side)

Front struts

Front / Rear springs

Sway bars

Front / Rear shock absorbers

Diff housing

Brake Lines

Inside body kit

Under boot lid etc.