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Importing an Aussie Muscle Car into New Zealand ?

Australian sourced cars offer the New Zealand muscle car purchaser some great buying opportunities!

From the number of great quality genuine cars to choose from allowing the Kiwi buyer to source exactly what they're after, through to the current exchange rate advantages means the time has never been better for New Zealanders to invest in your dream car.

What Do I Need To Know ?

This information is provided as a guide to buyers. We strongly recommend you obtain complete and up to date information on the importing process at prior to finalising the purchase of your new car. Additional customs information is available at

Before You Buy

If the vehicle to import is over 20 years of age then you can import the vehicle without any LTSA (Land Transport Safety Authority) restrictions. The vehicle will be subject to the Entry Certification process once imported (see below) to register it for use on NZ roads.

If the vehicle is less than 20 years of age then it must NZ's frontal impact requirements. The vehicle must either carry a ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliance plate to verify this, be listed on the LTSA's Front Impact Lists or require a Statement of Compliance from the vehicle's manufacturer listing the standards to which the vehicle was certified. Without this certification the vehicle will not be able to be registered for use on NZ roads.

Also note - If you can't prove that the vehicle is legally yours, you won't be able to register it for use on New Zealand roads. Original documentation relating to the sale and de-registration of the vehicle in Australia is therefore very important.


Shipping your new car starts from around AU $500 for a 'roll on , roll off' service from the east coast of Australia to main New Zealand ports. Prices vary for delivery from greater distances or if the vehicle is to be shipped in a container. Timetabling and demand also influence pricing. Contact us for advice on your shipping needs.

On Arrival

Once your new vehicle has arrived it will need to clear at the port of entry quarantine inspection, border check and Customs clearance. Providing the vehicle is clean and tidy the MAF inspection fee will be less than NZD $100. Buyers should allow between NZD $100 , NZD $300 for miscellaneous port and other expenses.

administration charges

NZ Customs will charge GST on the full purchase price of the vehicle plus shipping costs. This should be factored when buying your new car. GST is chargeable even though the transaction has been conducted offshore and the purchase price may already incorporate a local value-added or sales tax component.

GST is normally calculated on the receipt value of the car plus the freight component. Note - where an importer supplies insufficient or unsatisfactory information, Customs may determine a value.

Getting It On The Road

The final step is to have your vehicle inspected by an Entry Certifier (such as AA Inspection or Vehicle Testing NZ). They will verify that the vehicle met the required standards (see Before You Buy), carry out an inspection to verify it is still in good condition and issues the VIN plate, Form MR2A and a new Warrant of Fitness. Form MR2A allows you to then register the vehicle for NZ roads and receive new number plates. You should budget approximately NZD $400 for this process.

If you have any questions or for AMCS to find your dream car get in touch!