1973 XA GS Falcon 351 V8 K Code SUNROOF (SOLD)

Here is a fabulous example of what you could order from your local Ford dealer back in the 1970s! As a sensible New Car buyer I will start with a Falcon 500. I tick the box for a great combo of Wild Plum with White trim. I want to go sporty so tick the GS Rally pack. And let's throw in the big banger 351 V8 K-code Cleveland and I want to change gears manually so give me the best; a 4 speed Top Loader and a 9" LSD.

How about a Golde Sunroof so I can enjoy the sunshine but don't worry about the radio as I want to hear the wonderful burble of the big Ford bent eight through dual exhausts, not the prattle of the radio disc jockeys. And for good measure let's put those sexy rear view mirrors on like a GT.

And the result is a stunning super rare all matching numbers XA GS that has survived to this day without becoming a GT replica. Meticulously restored with nothing further to spend this presents a rare opportunity to buy something very special that is definitely not a me too car. So stand out in the crowd with this awesome crowd pleaser!

In our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom. (Ref. 5117)




JG23NU 68843K


K - 351 CID 2V


L - 4 Speed floor manual


K - Wild Plum


W - White


03 - Seat belts

05 - Power disc brakes

10 - Sunroof

11 - Laminated windshield

19 - Front bucket seats

32 - Sports console

39 - Carpets

45 - Limited slip differential

48 - Rallyee pack G.S

61 - Styled exterior R/V mirror LHS

62 - Styled exterior R/V mirror RHS remote


February, 1973