1970 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 1.5 - Diamond White

For sale a stunning 1970 XW Falcon GT-HO Phase 1.5 in Diamond White with Black trim. Located in Echuca, VIC for your inspection.

In May 1969 the first of the XW GT's rolled off the Broadmeadows assembly line. Ford had upped the ante with the XW by fitting the 351 cubic inch Windsor V8 with an output of 290 BHP and 385 ft/lbs. of torque.

With bigger brakes, a final drive ratio of 3.25:1, a huge 36-gallon (164 litre) fuel tank and suspension modifications to take the extra power and torque, the XW seemed to be the ultimate Grand Tourer. But more was to follow.

The HO variant, which arrived one month later, was a real street racer. HO stood for "Handling Option" in "Ford-speak", however most of the modifications added were to the engine. It now developed 300bhp.

The 351 got a bigger (600cfm vs 450cfm) carburettor, hydraulic valve lifters, revised camshaft, heavy duty alternator, alloy inlet manifold, a three-inch heavy duty tail shaft, heavier front roll bar, beefed-up coils, stiffer shocks and a new rear roll bar.

In its first appearance at the 1969 Bathurst race an XW GT-HO came in second, in spite of wrong tyre choice which saw the works cars pitting for unscheduled stops throughout the day.

Production of the XW model resulted in 2,287 GT's from May 1969 to October 1970 and 662 GT-HOs from July 1969 to October 1970. Ford further refined the XW GT with a Cleveland 351 engine, still with 300bhp. The Cleveland engine was used in some late Phase I GT-HOs (also known as Phase 1.5) produced around March & April 1970. Only 110 Phase 1.5 GT-HOs were produced and of these 22 were painted in Diamond White.

These GTs were basically a Cleveland powered Phase 1 using the standard hydraulic Cleveland engine (but with 600cfm Holley carburettor), wide ratio gearbox, 28 spline diff, standard rear drums and rear sway bar.

FOR SALE is a pedigree SURVIVOR GT-HO Phase 1.5 in Diamond White with Black trim. According to the XW GT-HO Phase 1 1/2 Register, expertly complied by GT Historian Ross Vasse, this particular GT-HO is a one of one build and is Build Number 48 of the 110 Phase 1 1/2 GT-HOs built by Ford. All matching numbers, this GT-HO comes with an amazing history with owners manuals and an owners log noting each time the car was driven, any maintenance completed and parts replaced. The GT-HO also comes with the original sales invoice to the original owner from North End Motors, Wingham, NSW, a receipt file, old registration paperwork and original keys.

In maintained condition, the GTHO has had an external repaint only with all original engine bay, door jambs and boot. It seems that the original Saddle trim noted on the compliance plate was replaced with genuine Black trim early in the life of this GT-HO. The GT-HO features the original carpets, crash pad, hood lining, 36 gallon tank and rubber boot mat, Olympic G800 radial spare and tools.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a genuine Falcon GT-HO with all matching numbers and with a remarkable documented history. Certainly a highly collectable piece of Ford motoring history and a car that you can be proud to own, drive and showcase.

Located in Echuca, VIC for your inspection. (Ref: 6396)

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JG33KT 77838











03 - Seat belts

71 - Superfringe push button radio



Selling dealer:

2574 - North End Motors, Wingham, NSW