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Terms of Sale

Vehicles offered for sale through AMCS are the responsibility of the Owner / Seller. AMCS acts as the Seller's agent and relies fully on the information provided by the Seller of the vehicle in the advertising and sale of each vehicle. AMCS takes no responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of the information provided by the Seller.

When a Buyer wishes to inspect a vehicle listed for sale on the AMCS web site AMCS issues a proforma deposit invoice for 5.5% of the asking price as a holding deposit. The Buyer is asked to provide credit card details, which is deemed sufficient to satisfy security concerns, and place the vehicle on hold awaiting the Buyer's inspection. Please note at no time is there a charge or debit made against the credit card.

Once AMCS has received the credit card details AMCS puts the Buyer in contact with the Seller. The Buyer must make his own enquiries and inspections regarding the condition, authenticity and veracity of the vehicle and any statements made by the Seller, and satisfy themselves in all aspects prior to purchasing the car from the Seller. The Buyer understands there is no warranty or guarantee offered by either the Seller or AMCS.

If upon inspection the Buyer is not satisfied with the car for any reason and does not wish to proceed with the purchase the owner is advised and the credit card details are disposed of and deleted from AMCS records.

If the Buyer is satisfied with the car and a price is agreed to with the Seller a formal tax invoice is prepared by AMCS and sent to the Buyer for payment to AMCS. Once AMCS receives the total payment cleared into its trust account a transfer is then made to the Seller. AMCS arranges a Bill of Sale from the Seller releasing the vehicle to the Buyer upon receipt of cleared funds and stating the vehicle is free of encumbrance and has no warranty.

AMCS receives a fee of 5.5% (incl. GST) of the sale price for assisting the Seller to sell his vehicle. There is no fee or Buyer's premium charged to the Buyer.

Privacy Statement

Australian Muscle Car Sales (AMCS) will not sell, trade or rent any personally identifiable information obtained from you to a third party unless you consent. As a User we pledge to provide you with some important rights:

  1. You decide what personally identifiable information we collect.
  2. Our total commitment to your privacy.
  3. Not to receive email from AMCS that you have not consented to receive.

We hope that like many of our users you will want to provide information about yourself to AMCS because it will help us to make our site and services more useful to you.

The choice of how much personally identifiable information about yourself you disclose to AMCS is left completely up to you, our valued user. You have our commitment to your privacy, as stated above.