1974 HQ GTS Monaro 350 V8

Now for sale is a super rare 1974 HQ GTS Monaro factory 350 V8 in stunning Burgundy with Black trim. For sale from North East Melbourne, Victoria.

The HQ was the swan song for the mighty Chevrolet 350 V8 ending GMH's reliance on the USA for its V8 power plants and moving the manufacturing of V8s to GMH's local foundries. Given GMH's determination to be self sufficient and produce all engines locally there would be no more imported Chevrolet V8 engines powering Holdens for the next 30 odd years.

Nearly 50 years later these circumstances have made the very few surviving HQ 350 Monaros a rare and highly desirable collector vehicle.

With nearly half a million HQs built over the life span of the model including just over 13,000 GTS Monaros, it is understood that only 279 XW8 pack 350 V8 powered Monaro sedans were produced during 1973 and 74. According to Ben Stewart's Holden Historical Services, 231 were produced with the T-400 automatic gearbox, 48 in manual and only 59 XW8 pack Monaros were produced at the Elizabeth plant in 1974. It is safe to say there would not have been too many painted in Burgundy making this one of the rarest Holdens ever built! And being manufactured in October 1974, makes this HQ one of the very last 350s ever built!

This stunning HQ GTS Monaro 350 V8 started life as a GMH Company Vehicle (refer to paperwork) before being offered to the public via Mollisons Motors, a Holden Dealer in Kyneton, Victoria. On the 6th December, 1974, the car was sold to a Mr. John Baker also in Victoria and then sold to a Mr. Stephen Flannery in 1981. The car was then sold to two separate collectors in Perth, WA followed by a collector in Nakara, NT and was then purchased by the current owner in 2018.

Largely in original condition when purchased in 2018 other than a repaint in the early 1990s in acrylic paint, the current owner sourced items that were missing or not up to standard to bring this rare car up to a very good level of originality. The car still presents well with some minor blemishes and minor humidity bubbles on the RHS C pillar and rear RHS quarter. There is no rust or damage and chrome, glass and stainless is all original and in good condition. The interior is all original with original seat trims, door cards, carpet, crash pad, dash and steering wheel. The odometer reads 50,703 Kilometres and the car features the original AM radio.

Mechanically, the HQ runs the original 350 V8 which has been decked during a rebuild of the motor at some point of its life. The motor is standard bore and unmodified and still runs the 4BBL Rochester carby. The car runs extractors through to a 2 1/2" exhaust and the original exhaust manifold is supplied with the car. The HQ 350 is factory fitted with option code N40, power steering, A82 head restraints, A22 Laminated windshield glass, the GV2 optioned 3.36:1 ratio diff, and the M10 dual exhaust system.

The HQ rides on widened GTS rims 7" on the front and 8" on the rear with good tyres plus a set of genuine 6" GTS rims with caps and chrome dress rims but without tyres. There is a good rubber boot mat, 6" spare wheel and original tools and jack in the boot.

We all remember the ads featuring a very young Peter Brock throwing around a HQ on the dirt. According to PB, the HQ GTS made “you enjoy motoring all over again”. And with so few 350 GTS Monaros ever built and very few surviving, it is no wonder that the HQ GTS Monaro 350 has been long recognised as one of the most collectible and desirable Holdens ever produced.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to own one of Holden's true Hero cars. This GTS 350 comes with the GMH documentation as seen in the photos, the Mollisons sales order, a GMH HQ owners manual and a super rare original HQ Monaro sales brochure. An outstanding classic muscle Holden available for immediate inspection in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. (Ref: 6029)

If you wish we will gladly arrange a video tour/inspection of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door enclosed transport anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Call Mike on 0414 278 604 or Rod on 0499 577 997 and let us assist you with your inquiries. Also please note if you have a quality Muscle or Classic car you wish to list or have valued please give us a call at AMCS, we will be happy to assist you.




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