Just completed bare metal 2 pac Yellow Glow/black trim GT Replica. Fully rebuilt 351 Cleveland 2V, top loader, 9" 3:50 LSD and HO finned drums. Brand new GT interior. New brakes, suspension, chrome and stainless. Fully detailed engine bay and undercarriage. South Aust. car.


Won 1st place in the Top Sedan category of the 2009 Autofest and was also judged Top Ten in show.














• Bare metal respray in Yellow Glow
• Rechromed front and rear bumpers
• Powder coated front and rear bumper brackets
• New front and rear overriders
• New front spoiler
• Excellent repainted grille frame in argent silver and repainted
inserts in Deep argent as per GT spec
• Rechromed headlight surrounds and mint original headlight
• New GT grille badge
• New driving lights, brackets and bolt kit
• Excellent original blinker housings rechromed
• New blinker and brake lenses front and rear
• New alloy shaker surround
• GT spec wire type anti lift wipers
• New rubber kit throughout
• New sill moulds
• New GT alloy mirrors
• New GT square base arial
• Reanodised bonnet pin, spring and catch
• New GT bonnet shaker hole support kit fitted
• New Bonnet pin kit
• Reanodised door latches and strikers
• Reanodised bolts in front doors to hold lower baylee channel as
per GT
• New GT fuel cap and surround
• Repainted non-pitted tail light housings to GT spec
• New GT boot mould.
• GT rear window trim
• New windscreen
• Rechromed exterior door handles
• New lock set throughout

• New GT spec perforated hood lining and visors
• New courtesy light surround and lens
• New rear courtesy lights
• New ignition barrel
• Rear doors wired for courtesy lights as per GT
• New dash pad
• New under dash speaker
• New GT glovebox trim and badges
• Perfect genuine black under dash padding
• Genuine blank steering column
• Restored GT steering wheel
• New reproduction GT dash facia and instrument, rechromed and
painted in correct deep argent.
• GT clock
• Working Superfringe radio in excellent original condition
• New indicator lever
• New stainless quarter vent window plates as per GT
• New stainless door trim retainer moulds
• Excellent XY lever style bucket seats refoamed and retrimmed in
new GT spec black vinyl. Rear seat also refoamed and retrimmed
in new GT spec black vinyl. Levers in good condition and
unbroken, seats slide well.
• New B pillar trims
• Genuine black carpet joiners
• Genuine black padded windlacing
• New black windlace joiners
• New black GT console, chrome surround, shifter boot rubber,
shifter boot vinyl, base plate and shifter knob
• New front retractable seat belts using original buckles and
• Working restored heater box
• New GT door trims
• New pedal rubbers
• Genuine black kick panels
• Genuine black arm rests
• New door trim scuff cups
• New floor scuff plates
• New loop style black GT spec carpet
• New door lock knobs and new rattle stoppers
• New parcel shelf masonite
• New rear Venetian
• New rear seat insulator panel
• Excellent correct XY shifter, fully rekitted and new reverse
light switch fitted.
• Bucket seat floor brace fitted
• New complete fuel line

• Excellent standard fuel tank
• New 5 slot spare with new redwalled tyre
• New fuel tank bolt kit
• Reanodised boot latch and striker
• New boot mat
• Restored boot wiring loom
• New boot masonites with correct new screw kit

• Original PBR booster reconditioned and repainted
• New XY brake master cylinder
• New XY clutch master
• New clutch master line
• New metal brake lines
• New flexi brake lines
• Restored wiper motor
• New washer bottle
• Anodised washer squirters
• Anodised shock tower tripod bolts and nuts
• Anodised side of shock tower bolts
• New V8 battery carrier
• New battery clamp kit including “Z” bracket
• New GT 3 core radiator and new hoses
• New radiator brackets top and bottom
• Radiator support panel has been widened at the top, support
brace fitted and the radiator opening enlarged all as per 54H
GT body spec including half circles.
• Anodised top radiator mount bolts as per GT
• New full metal shaker
• Restored alternator with anodised fan and pulley painted yellow
as per GT
• GT engine bay sticker kit
• Restored wiring loom

• Chris Milton (Adelaide) built 351 Cleveland 2V done approx
10,000km maximum. Fully balanced rotating mass including 4mab
crank, rods and forged pistons. High volume oil pump, Arp rod
bolts and rollmaster timing chain. 2V closed chamber heads,
cleaned up ports, 4V valves. Edelbrock performer manifold and
750 holley. New electronic distributor and new GT40 coil
painted to replicate original yellow top style. Power by ford
rocker covers, motor freshly painted in ford comp blue and
detailed with GT QC stamps and factory markings.
• New “tri y” 2V pacemaker extractors and new GT spec exhaust
• Excellent top loader gear box painted in cast iron grey with
factory markings.
• Bellhousing painted in cast iron grey with factory markings
• New clutch slave cylinder
• New clutch
• New clutch fork
• New speedo cable and drive/driven gears
• New tail shaft and uni joints, painted and detailed with
factory markings.
• XY length 9 inch diff, fully rebuilt, 3.50 gears LSD, new 28
spline axles, HO style big finned drums, new brake shoes and
cylinders. Backing plates painted to GT spec.

• Restored upper and lower control arms with new bushes
• New front springs, GT height and painted to GT spec
• New shocks all round, painted green to GT spec
• New front brake rotors with correct size center
• Powder coated castor rods with new bushes
• All new ball joints
• Powder coated drag link with all new inner and outer tie rod
• New pitman arm and idler arm
• Fully refurbished steering box
• 24mm sway bar painted to GT spec with new link rods and bushes
• New 5 leaf rear springs ( King springs) to GT spec and painted
with correct factory codes and new bushes all round
• New hand brake cable
• New 15 x 7 bathurst globes, correct flat lip and date
stamped ‘72’ as per homologation wheels.
• New nuts and caps.
• New 225 tyres redwalled