1965 Ford Zephyr 6 Mk 3

For sale from Ipswich, Queensland a very well loved fully restored 1965 Ford Zephyr 6 Mark 111.

While the Ford Zephyr was arguably a more modern, more powerful and also more reliable car when compared to the early Falcons, Ford had bet the farm on the Falcon and so did not put much emphasis on building the Zephyr brand in Australia.

Only Chrysler's Valiant R-Series could trump the Zephyr in the power stakes. Road tests credited the Zephyr at a top speed of 98.7, the Valiant at 98.9! and the EJ Holden Premier at just 79.0 MPH.

With 106 brake horsepower the Mark III couldn’t match the 145 bhp Valiant’s acceleration but in everyday driving its all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox and front disc brakes more than compensated for a couple of seconds lost between zero and 70 miles per hour.

FOR SALE is a well loved example of the Mk 3 Zephyr. A three owner car, this Mk 3 was assembled in Australia and is running a reconditioned period correct 2,553 cc high compression 6 cylinder and the 4 speed all syncro manual gearbox.

In beautiful restored condition, the Zephyr underwent a comprehensive ground up restoration approximately 20 years ago including a 2 pack repaint in the original Ascot grey and a retrim of the interior. The engine bay, undercarriage and boot have also been repainted and maintained. There is no rust or body damage.

The Zephyr has the 4 speed all syncro manual transmission and the odometer is reading 171,256 miles. All aspects of the Zephyr including mechanical, interior and exterior have been maintained to a high standard. The owner of 11 years has fitted personalised plates, Performance 14" mag wheels, White wall Federal tyres a sun visor, rear window venetian and a GME 5 watt 80 channel UHF radio with aerial.

There are some spare parts including a tow bar, some spare glass and other bits and pieces.

Currently on club registration. Personalised 6ZZZ5 plates included for QLD buyer. Available for inspection in Ipswich, Queensland. (AMCS Ref. 6421)

And if you like AMCS will gladly arrange a video inspection/road test of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door freight delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Call Mike on 0414 278 604 or Nick on 0499 577 997 and let us assist you with your inquiries. Also please note if you have a quality Muscle or Classic car you wish to list or have valued please give us a call at AMCS, we will be happy to assist you.





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6ZZZ5 Expires 29/09/2024