2014 FPV FG Series II Falcon GT - Build No.1550

Now for sale this immaculate 2014 FG GT in Octane with the 6 speed automatic and just 10,098 Kilometres on the clock. Build No. 1550, one of the last GT Falcons built before the GT-F. Located South Coast, NSW.

You've got to take your hats off to the clever guys at Ford. With the FG model, Known as the Miami Project, Ford invested $35 million to integrate a supercharger into Ford’s Detroit-sourced Coyote 5.0-litre V8, as seen in the normally aspirated Mustang.

Under Prodrive’s stewardship, local engineers Harrop Engineering took an Eaton-sourced TVS (Twin Vortices Series) supercharger and integrated it with a new intake manifold, allowing them to mount it neatly on top of the engine, between the cylinder banks. Thus the need for that gorgeous bonnet hump. With clever design the supercharger forces 1.9 litres of air into the engine with every revolution.

And the result is amazing. In fact the advertised 335kW at 5750rpm is definitely modestly stated a fact you'll feel in the seat of your pants as you travel through a massive torque band, peaking at 570Nm from 2200 all the way up to 5500rpm.

The engine is so versatile that it is just as happy trudging around the CBD and through 40km/h school zones as it is howling away from stoplights to its 4.9-second 0-100km/h threshold.

But nothing and I mean nothing beats the soundtrack. Those wonderous eight cylinders don't sound anything like the old school Falcon GTs. No, now the burble is accentuated with wonderful whirrs and whines that are half the joy of supercharging. And the benefits of this amazing technology are incredible. Plant your foot and all hell breaks loose. Because the Supercharger is belt-driven off the crank, there’s none of the lag inherent in turbochargers. You're immediately pushed back into your seat, eyes wide open, pulse raised and those shiny quad-pipes roaring in the background as the smile broadens on your face.

FOR SALE is one of the very last GT Falcon's built prior to the final GT - the GT-F 351. In unmarked Octane with Black leather trim, Build No.1550 pays homage to the delights of the original Falcon GTs of the 70s with its wild colour palate and bold GT striping but with a very large dose of Aussie ingenuity.

Mated to the Supercharged Miami 5 litre V8 is the sensational 6 speed automatic ZF gearbox, Brembo brakes and 19" Alloys. With just 10,098 kilometres on the clock, full Ford service history, log books, FPV Compendium, two sets of keys and the original factory tyres this GT Falcon will be your constant reminder of just how good the Falcon GT had become before it's sad demise.

The GT is totally original and unmodified and has been fitted with window tint and paint and interior protection by the selling dealer prior to purchase. The GT also comes with a matching Octane Orange custom car cover plus a FPV jacket and a Vogue cleaning kit.

This Octane GT will sit very nicely next to your older GT Falcon or take this opportunity to spoil yourself with one of the best examples of the Supercharged FG GT Falcon on the market.

Full NSW registration until the 2nd January, 2024. GT-1550 number plates included for NSW buyer. For your inspection from South Coast, NSW. (Ref: 6293)

We are happy to arrange a video inspection of the car using WhatsApp. Please call for more details and note Enclosed Door to Door transport is available anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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May, 2014