1971 VH Valiant R/T Charger ... (SOLD)

Wheels magazine's Car of the Year in 1971! A success on the road and on the race track. And one of the best looking cars ever built in Australia! The mighty Valiant R/T Charger. Now for sale from Brisbane, QLD.

No surprise that originally Chrysler planned to produce the Charger at the rate of 20 per day. This was lifted to 43 per day following the rave reviews from the dealer network and the press. And subsequently to 83 a day which still wasn't enough to meet the demand.

And it's not hard to understand why.

The Charger was an Australian design success story. By shortening the wheelbase by six inches and chopping 13.2 inches from the overall length of the VH sedan, Chrysler engineers had tightened the entire car. The shorter car meant a reduction in weight of 300 lbs with an obvious increase in performance. And with wide sports wheels, the clever use of bright metal, the blunt tail with its inbuilt spoiler and, roofline ribs running down past the rear window all conspired to make the Charger a sales success.

The R/T Charger equipped with the R/T 265 Hemi six was good for 218 BHP, 15 more than the standard 265 and in fact quicker in most conditions than the V8 equipped Charger with the added bonus of better fuel consumption, lower insurance rating, and lower initial purchase price.

According to the Wheel Magazines road test, run side by side on the same day, the Charger 770 V8 and 265 returned almost identical acceleration times to 70 mph. The six was only 1.2 seconds behind to 100 mph. And over the standing quarter mile, the 770 ran through in 16.7 seconds, the 265 achieved a best time of 17.0 seconds in' drive range and 16.7 seconds when the gears were changed manually. Wheels thought the 265, a performance bargain and summed up that the "Charger represented a new era of engineering and marketing sophistication from Tonsley Park. With its entire '71 range, Chrysler returns to the time when its cars were different and just a little more exclusive than the Holdens and Falcons. With the Charger - low price and all - Chrysler has achieved its aims of building a car for everyone - and capturing the youth market at the same time."

FOR SALE is a December built R/T Charger in stunning Hemi Orange with Light Tan trim. One of only 638 R/T Chargers built, this stunning R/T Charger has been the subject of a full restoration completed in 2019. The car is painted in PPG 2 pack Hemi Orange and retrimmed in Light Tan Vinyl sourced from Pentastar.

The Charger runs a fully rebuilt and balanced period correct 265 Hemi 6 cylinder motor, with genuine 2BBL Carter carby and genuine R/T 2BBL exhaust manifold, (original air cleaner included), rebuilt 4 speed Borg Warner single rail gearbox (3 speed BW gearbox included) and 3.23: 1 BW diff. The Charger has all new suspension, shocks, brakes including the optional brake booster plus the fitment of a 2 1/2" exhaust front to back with genuine R/T upsweep exhaust tip. On top of this the car features fully restored 6.5" R/T sports road wheels with excellent original dress rims and caps plus new tyres. The whole restoration is documented with photos and a receipt file.

Of course everything has been checked, recalibrated, rebuilt so that it all works perfectly. The gauges have been recalibrated. The steering column has been refurbished with new bearings. The indicator switch assembly and steering wheel are all original and in perfect working condition. The window winders, wiring loom are all restored. The heater core has been replaced. This is a top grade restoration fittingly lavished on this ultra rare and super desirable Charger. The owner has covered a modest 2,500 miles since the restoration.

This special Charger comes with a copy of the R/T Charger Genuine 1300 List which confirms the selling dealer, build specifications and options fitted.

Our recommendation; given the meteoric rise experienced by the E38 and E49 R/T Chargers of the same era, we firmly believe any surviving R/T especially in Hemi Orange is an equally worthy investment.

Located in Brisbane, QLD for your inspection. (Ref: 6043)

We are happy to arrange a video inspection of the car using WhatsApp. Please call for more details and note Enclosed Door to Door transport is available anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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RF Berg 4438 - Hemi Orange


T1 - Tan


A66 - Hood and Fender Dress-up Package

A95 - Interior Dress-up Package incl. reclining bucket seats, carpets and 3 Spoke Steering Wheel

B51 - Power Brake Booster