2016 FG-X Falcon XR8 Sprint ... Holy Grail 483kW Upgrade ...1800kms (SOLD)

Want to feel what a FA-18 Hornet fighter pilot feels when they open the throttles for take off? Then come and have a drive of this beast. Developed by the engineering team that was FPV, Premcar's Holy Grail project is sure to put a smile on your dial. The FPV/Premcar Engineering Group had big plans for the final GT Falcon. Those plans were shelved by a higher order. However the bug had bitten and the Premcar Engineers continued working on the project.

What Premcar has now built is the ultimate upgrade to the Miami powered supercharged V8 Falcon. If you own a Miami powered GT, GT-P, GT-F or XR8 built between 2010 to 2016 then you can still create some insane tyre frying fun. Basically, Premcar have enhanced the Miami V8 with a clever redesign/manufacture of the intake manifold becoming water/air cooled which reduces the air temp forced to the supercharger resulting in enhanced power from 335kW to a whopping 483kW (655hp) @ 6800rpm and 753Nm of torque with an increase in maximum revs to 7,000rpm! The increase in revs brings a new power steering pump for a more precise steering feel. Premcar have further mods on offer to improve handling which adds re-engineered billet aluminium control blades now allowing the fitment of wider/lighter wheels, the introduction of a 12 way adjustable coil over dampers, and the fitting of some seriously sticky Michelin 295 Cup 2 tyres.

AMCS is proud to offer For Sale one of the early development cars Premcar built for a customer. With the build program now in full swing, this is going to be one rare bird. This Sprint has the engine upgrade currently and can have the HO/exhaust option added if required. Starting life as a very special limited edition FG-X XR8 Sprint with the heavy duty 6 speed ZF auto, build no. 604/750 has only covered a very low 1,800 klms. If you're after a XR8 Sprint but want yours to go like a scalded cat then come and take this one for a test drive. The great John Bowe was impressed, in fact Bowe said, the "Holy Grail will make your eyes water. I've driven some fast cars in my time - nothing will quite prepare you for this!"

Available for inspection in our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom. (Ref: 5433)





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