1971 Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer - Resto Project

Now for sale this Deep Charteuse and Tan trim combo '71 VG Valiant Pacer in need of restoration. Located in Artarmon, Sydney.

The VG Valiant was launched in 1970 with a 4.0-litre six – the Hemi - replacing the ageing Slant Six and sitting behind those signature rectangular headlights and a revised red striped grille. The base model Pacer with a two-barrel Hemi made 138kW and formed the basis for the race bred E31 and E34 optioned Pacers. The wild colours of Hot Mustard, Thar She Blue, Little Hood Riding Red, Bondi Bleach White and Tan Tastic were targeted directly at a younger audience and the Pacer became known as quite the boy racer’s special. In many respects it was the affordable alternative to a Falcon GT or Holden Monaro.

Behind the Hemi 6 sat the Pacer’s three-speed floor-shift manual transmission, sports high backed seats, full instrumentation and those wonderful Pacer 245 stripes. The VG Pacer was almost a model range in its own right. Base Pacer, E31 and E34 Track Pack cars and the E35 Street Pack. Two-door hardtop or sedan. Front disc brakes or not. Choose the colour. And thar she blows ... a first in local automotive marketing, although the later Belmont-based HQ SS came close and followed essentially the same principle.

Rare to find nowadays, for sale is a genuine Deep Charteuse and Tan trim combo VG Valiant Pacer in need of restoration. Here is a great opportunity for a talented panel beater, father/son team or Chrysler enthusiast to rebuild an extremely rare example of the Valiant Pacer. The Pacer comes with a running 245 Hemi installed, the original 3 speed gearbox and factory diff. Also included are 4 perfect doors already primed and ready to install. All rusty sections are readily available via Plum Crazy Garage or Hemi Performance so there is no issue with getting everything you need to make this project a reality.

Located in Artarmon, Sydney. (Ref: 5833)

If you wish we will gladly arrange a video tour/inspection of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door enclosed transport anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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