AMCS Showroom - Sell Your Car Here!

Is it time to sell your Aussie Muscle car? Then we've got just the spot for you.

Our full security Showroom in the heart of Sydney is the perfect spot to showcase your special machine.

First of all we will prepare your car for sale:
- We can arrange a full detail.
- Take care of any small fix ups required.
- Professionally photograph the car on the showroom floor.
- Provide full market appraisal and assessment of your car's value.

Then we will market your car through a combination of the following channels:
- On the AMCS website which attracts over 8,000 views per day.
- Share to Unique Cars Magazine and Just Cars Magazine, online and in print.
- Share to Tuff Touring Cars online.
- Share to our AMCS Facebook page with over 56,000 followers.
- Share to our AMCS Instagram page with over 18,000 followers.
- Share a video to our AMCS You Tube channel with over 2300 subscribers.
- Conduct Virtual Inspections via live video link on WhatsApp.
- Our facility can assist with any Buyer and third party pre-inspections.
- Saves your time with no visitors to your home.

And the cost to house your car is zip!

We only charge 5.5% commission upon the successful sale of your car and all the marketing costs are on us. You will need to have your car insured, but that's all.

If this is the perfect spot for your Aussie Muscle car, then give us a call and let's discuss the possibility of showcasing your beast with us.

Thank you, from the AMCS Team

Mike - 0414 278 604
Rod - 0418 644 677

20 Commercial Rd,
Kingsgrove, Sydney.

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