Australian Muscle Cars as Investments

They say hindsight is 20/20. And in 1988 according to an article in Street Machine Magazine, we all could have bought some pretty flash Aussie muscle for not a lot of cash. Like a mint Falcon GTHO Phase 3 for $35,000, an A9X Torana Hatchback for $30,000, an A9X 4 door for $15,000, an E49 Valiant Charger for $9,000 or unbelievably a LJ XUI Torana for only $5,000!!!! I bet you're all saying the same thing, oh... @@##%%%$$##^^&&. So what does the future hold?

Return on investment for Aussie Muscle Cars is proving to be a lot stronger than the return generated from investment in super funds, the share market or even real estate.

For example, if you'd bought that mint Falcon XY GTHO Phase 3 in 1988 for $35,000, your investment would be worth well in excess of $600,000 today! That A9X Torana Hatch for $30,000 would be now touching $400,000, the E49 Charger for $9,000 would be worth over $250,000, and the LJ XUI would have grown from $5,000 to a healthy $125,000. That's a massive tax free increase and we're sure you would have had a lot more fun than shares or property!!

Judging from the past and the fact Aussie Muscle have historically trended steadily skywards, this might be a good time to find your dream Aussie Muscle car. After all it comes down to supply and demand and only a limited number of these beautiful machines remain in existence today.

AMCS has helped thousands of people realise their muscle car dreams since we started the business back in 2003. Whether you're wanting to cash in on the strong Muscle Car market, wanting to upgrade to a more pristine example or perhaps you are buying your first Aussie Muscle car, give AMCS a call and we will be delighted to assist you in the realisation of your dream!

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