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1967 Holden HR Special 186 - 42,127 miles!
Perth, WA

42,127 miles new!!! That's right. This stunning HR Holden Special 186 has covered a genuine Forty Two thousand miles since 1967. In spectacular condition, this HR had until recently been part of a Holden dealership collection. Featuring the all original Grecian White paint, unbel... View...

1964 EH Premier - 600hp RB30 Twin Cam Turbo ... $115,000
Mortdale Showroom, Sydney

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking this was just a beautifully restored EH Premier. But look a little closer and you'll see a nice surprise hidden under that sexy bonnet. Gone is the Holden 179 6 cylinder pushrod engine and in its place a fully engineered race spec'd ... View...

1956 Holden FE Special ... $39,500

By the time the FJ Holden was replaced with the FE in July 1956, Australia’s own had taken many steps forward. The six-volt electrics were replaced with a 12-volt set-up, the two-piece windscreen was replaced with a single curved item and the skinny 15in rims were replaced with 1... View...