1969 Corvette 427 435hp L71 Tri-Power Manual (SOLD)

Amazing unrestored 1969 Corvette Stingray Targa Top Coupe 427ci 435hp Tri-Power Manual now for sale. Featuring the most highly prized 427 big block of 1969, the L71, factory rated (underated!) at 435hp @ 6400rpm, with its legendary rectangular port heads, 11:1 compression ratio, solid lifter cam, and 3 x 2bbl Holley carbies (not including the low volume drag racer's special hand built 560hp L88s!).

Combined with the close ratio M21 Muncie 4 speed manual, 3.36 Positrack rear, 4 wheel disc brakes, power steering and the gorgeous removable T-top roof design this was amongst the most glamorous and top muscle combos of the year, not just in the USA but anywhere in the world. This was Team USA in its motoring prime. ( For more info on the period please read the footnotes below).

This complete matching numbers three owner car has an excellent documented history and is showing only 39,000 miles since new. Having received an external repaint of its original Cortez Silver the car's show quality Red interior remains completely original and as new, and has been a highlight of the car in its previous history. The car is tight, immaculate and still feels new.

This is an outstanding period US muscle car, showcasing the peak of high-performance big block Chev availability to the general public in the 1960's. To find such an example already settled here in Australia for over a decade is most fortunate. This car will withstand the closest inspection. Available to view in our Kingsgrove Sydney Showroom. (Ref. 5134)







Along with Cadillac, Chevrolet was arguably the premier Division of General Motors and the Corvette was its shining star for over a decade. With the new C3 shape introduced in 1968 the adulation was to continue. Today 1969 is well regarded as one of the best years of all the C3 Corvettes (1968-1982) and noted as the last year before compression ratios were largely scaled back for emission control in favour of a few more cubes with the later lower revving 454s.

It was also the model year made famous when all three Apollo 12 astronauts received identical Riverside Gold '69 Corvettes in celebration of their achievements. Cheesy you might say - but being the second crew to walk on the moon was a pretty big deal at the time - and in 1969 these were the coolest guys in town driving the coolest cars in town!

The 6500rpm redline L71 was the top pick of the 3 regular 427 cubic inch engines available for the Corvette in 1969. Note that 427 engines were considered by GM Management to be 'corporately irresponsible' at the time to be offered in mid-sized Chev muscle cars such as Camaros, Chevelles or Novas, leaving only SS396 engines to do duty in those. The Vette was considered a sports car taking on the Euro opposition so was given every advantage possible. Of course savvy Dealers could order a through-the-backdoor COPO option (Central Office Production Order) for the Camaros, Chevelles etc - and receive the same L71 spec but fitted with a single 4bbl rated at 425hp (code L72) - or an even rarer order option - the legendary all aluminium 427, the ZL1, but that is another crazy and expensive story!