1969 Dodge Charger - General Lee ... (SOLD)

Sound the Dixie horn and raise the Confederate flag, Australia’s best General Lee is well worth celebrating...


We all grew up with the Dukes of Hazzard playing on the TV in our living rooms. And any red blooded car guy or gal will have fond memories of the good 'ol boys, Luke and Bo launching their two ton General Lee over any road barrier into oblivion in order to escape the the inept sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, out wit Boss Hog or playing it up with Luke's bombshell cousin Daisy.

Back in 2012, the previous Aussie owner of this spectacular General Lee flew to America in search of a top quality car. He started looking for General Lees and ended up going to Nashville to Cooter’s Place - the Dukes boys’ mechanic in Dukes of Hazzard, played by Ben Jones, who had set up two stores in Tennessee dedicated to all things Dukes.

The search ended in the garage of a guy who just lived and breathed Dukes of Hazzard. He’d been to all the movie sites, he’d been to where all the jumps were done, he had photos of him and all the cast and crew and he'd built the most amazing General Lee from scratch.

Running a 440 big block stroked to 512 cui fully rebuilt by Brett Niddrie of BNR Engines in Melton, Victoria a tuff as nails 727 TorqueFlite auto with stall converter and bullet proof 8 3/4" Mopar diff, this General Lee not only looks the part but sounds awesome and goes great to boot.

Like the movie star General Lee, this car features a racing carburetor, heavy duty suspension parts, and custom wheels and tyres. A glasspack muffler helps give the General it's signature throaty roar and a custom push bar is mounted to the General’s front end. You've got the wonderful Dixie note horns to make sure everyone knows that you have arrived, a padded roll bar to protect the passengers and a two way radio to keep you one step ahead of the law. Under the hood, you've got a painting of Boss and Uncle Jesse and on the inside of the boot lid you've got the signatures of all the stars of the Dukes of Hazzard 2005 Hollywood block buster movie.

Thankfully, unlike the movie star General Lees, the doors do open. In the TV series, it is explained that racing cars have their doors welded shut, and this was often used for comedic effect when Uncle Jessie or Boss Hogg required help to squeeze through the window. In the movie, Bo and Luke also slide over the hood rather than walk around the front of the car as part of their running entry.

While its unlikely that any future owner will be launching this General in the way that Luke and Bo did in the TV series, its good to know that the car is built right and capable of anything. So if the Good Old Boys TV jingle is running through your mind, come on down to our NEW Mortdale Showroom and feast your eyes on this magnificent General Lee Dodge Charger.

Not currently registered but has been on Historic rego previously in Vic. (AMCS Ref: 5696)

If you wish, AMCS will gladly arrange a video tour of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door freight delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Also please note if you have a quality Muscle or Classic car you wish to list or have valued please give us a call at AMCS, we will be happy to assist you.

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