1970 XW Falcon GTHO Phase 2 (Withdrawn)

In 1970, Ford's dedicated team of engineers and engine builders under the watchful eye of Al Turner developed the famous Phase 2 GT-HO Falcon. Powered by the new Cleveland 351 engine, engine builders Bill Santuccione and John Mepstead along with other handpicked mechanics and engineers built a road going car that was capable of revving to 6500 rpm, speeds of over 135 mph and a quarter mile in an unbelievable 14.4 seconds.

And as a race car, the GT-HO Phase 2 was able to provide Ford with the victories on the race track it so coveted, including the famous 1970 Bathurst victory with a 1-2 Moffat / McPhee finish! Win on Sunday, sell on Monday was the catch cry of the day and emphasized the importance of the race programs for the Australian car manufacturers at the time.

In order to race in the Production car series, manufacturers had to build a minimum of 250 street registered examples that were to be sold to the general public. AMCS is proud to present for sale one of the best restored Phase 2s in the country. According to the ACCHS report, this Track Red Phase 2 is one of 286 Phase 2 GT-HOs built, one of 34 with the specific paint and trim combo and one of 10 with the exact same build specifications. In fact, this Phase 2 is also one of the last 5 Phase 2s built and with the XY model already in production features many genuine XY parts.

Discovered in Broken Hill about 4 years ago, the restoration has been a labour of love and has been concours restored to the highest level by renowned GT restorer Chris Dent of Falcon GT Restoration in Sydney. This no expense spared restoration has focused on building a very accurate example with only genuine and NOS parts used during the restoration.

Powered by the famous 351 4V Cleveland, date code correct and built in house to 480 bhp, date code correct water pump, heads, distributor, sump even the shock absorbers are date code correct. The car features the close ratio long shaft Top Loader 4 speed gearbox and Mount Panorama prepared 3.5:1 31 spline 9" diff. The car has the original 9MH 5 slot rims with new old stock caps and dress rims and even a genuine red wall Goodyear G-800 Grand Rally spare in the boot plus a full set of 4 G-800 tyres for show presentation. The interior is all genuine original and restored to perfect condition.

This is as good as you can get, no compromises, nothing has been left untouched. The car comes with a huge documented restoration file and is considered one of the best restored Phase 2's in existence.

Available for inspection in Brisbane, QLD. (Ref: 5438)




JG33KB 27899






H - Track Red


B - Black


03 - Seat belts



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