1970 XW GT Falcon (SOLD)

The last of the Windsor powered XW GT Falcons, this handsome quality all matching numbers XW GT is truly spectacular in Candy Apple Red with all original Black trim. Running the original 351 4V Windsor V8, mated to a 4 speed top loader gearbox and 9" diff. This is a rare Jan '70 production car, last of the Windsor GTs with the big ID plate mounted sideways, before Clevelands commenced soon after. The engine is stock with the exception of a Holley carby, mild cam and extractors. To many GT aficionados the Windsor 351 is the sweetest ride. Lighter than the Cleveland 351 and with it's wonderful propensity to rev, the Windsor GT has a great many fans.

This XW GT has obviously led a charmed life as can be seen by the accident and rust free body. In fact this is one of the best bodies we have seen. The interior is all original so you are sitting on original vinyl as from the factory. Pretty special today where most cars have reproduction interiors. And she still hasn't clicked over 100,000 miles with a genuine 95,643 showing on the odometer. The all original dash, steering wheel and instrument cluster is complimented by a Dealer fitted Superfringe radio.

Open the boot and you have the original boot matt, boot masonites, spare wheel and tools. The exterior of the car has been repainted and re striped but the car retains it's original paint in the engine bay, door jambs and boot. Originally sold through Doug Green Ford in Cairns, North Queensland, this is a special survivor quality GT that will be a stunning addition to any GT collection. In our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom for your immediate inspection. (Ref: 5381)














03 - Seat belts



Original Selling dealer:


Doug Green Ford, Cairns, QLD