1970 XW GT Falcon Replica ... (SOLD)

Here is a rare opportunity to secure a well priced XW GT Falcon Replica with all the right GT gear and plenty of room to add your own personal touches.

All the hard work has been done. The 351 Cleveland was rebuilt in 2002 with a mild cam and is fed fuel through a 750cfm Holley, spark is from an electronic distributor, she runs a 4 Core radiator and the sound track comes courtesy of a set of extractors through to a 2" exhaust. Gears are swapped through the trusty Ford GT 4 speed top loader gearbox and then through to the bullet proof 9" LSD.

In 2008 the car was repainted in Diamond White with GT Super Roo Gold Stripes. All repairs were professionally done in full metal with no bog used and she still presents in excellent condition.

The interior is all XW GT correct with a genuine GT dash, 140 MPH speedo and 8,000 tacho. The GT features new hood lining, chrome mouldings, GT badges, original Superfringe radio, a working clock and aftermarket retractable seat belts as well as new door trims, upholstery, front armrests, boot weatherstrip and door weatherstrips and interior sun visors. And she's only traveled 4,270 miles since the restoration was completed.

The GT Replica features laminated windscreen, tinted windows, GT rear spolier and it is riding on 2 inch lowered springs and widened chrome 12 slotters with Bridgestone Eager SF-330 on the front and Sumitomo HTR-2000 on the rear.

Current owner since 2003. Rarely used, always garaged and never used at night or when raining. In fact, water has not touched the car since the panel and paint were completed 12 years ago. The owner cleans the car using FW1 Waterless cleaning wax.

Not a show car but it is a head turner and a real pleasure to drive. Full WA registration until 24th November, 2020 with THE XW personalised plates included for WA buyer.

Perth, WA car. And if you are unable to travel due to Covid restrictions, AMCS will gladly arrange a video inspection/road test of the car using WhatsApp, and of course there is no issue with door to door freight delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. (Ref. 5526)




JH23KT 39926