1971 XY GTHO Falcon Replica (SOLD)

It's 1971 again... You've got a pocket full of cash and you're headed to your local Ford Dealer to order your dream XY GTHO. The car salesman in his white suit and white shoes shows you the latest XY GTHO demo on the floor and brings out the options sheet.

You tick the box for Surfer Orange paint with B2 trim - Black with the factory Hawaiian cloth inserts. Tick - Golde SUNROOF and the Eight Track stereo. Tick - dual mirrors and Black vinyl roof. 380hp from the regular GTHO is not quite enough so you've lined up BK Race Engines of Sydney to build a 630hp 408 cube aluminium head Clevo stroker pushing through a 4 speed Top Loader gearbox and 3.5 LSD 9" rear. Red walls on the Bathurst Globes finish off the package along with the HO 36 Gallon fuel tank.

Now ready for delivery in BRAND NEW just built condition you can now drive this dream GTHO out the door! Or if you want anything modified to suit your own taste we can get our partner Falcon GT Restorations to fine tune the package for you. In our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom for your viewing pleasure. (Ref. 5138)




JG23LT 11408

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