1972 XA GT Falcon 4 speed Manual with Sunroof (SOLD)

In mid 1972, Mr. George Altomonte, the Managing Director and Dealer Principal of ALTO FORD Gordon NSW, was ordering his personal drive car. He ticked every option possible for this outstanding XA GT in Jewel Green with Parchment trim.

Interestingly he chose a four speed manual gearbox to sit behind the factory 351 4V headed Cleveland, a Golde wind back Sunroof, power steering, air conditioning, power windows, tinted glass, eight track radio/stereo and the Option 52 sports road wheels.

The attached ACCHS Report confirms that this XA GT is in fact a 1 of 1 build, unique with this specific build specification. According to the history of the GT, it was owned by Mr. Altomonte for 6 months and then sold to William (Bill) Gereige on 28 December 1972. He subsequently traded the GT in at John Oxley Motors, QLD in 1984. There is a gap in the history from 1984 to 2002. The car was acquired by The GT Shop (Melbourne) in 2002 and sold by Ben Faralla (GT Shop) on 19 October 2005 to Brett Walker.

In December 2009 the vehicle was acquired by GT enthusiast, Mr. Bob Sahota who did extensive work restoring the car's presentation and vehicle operation and driveability - resulting in a Silver Award at the 2011 14th Falcon GT National in Brisbane. It was then sold to John Kandarakis in January 2013 and to Damien Fox on 11 November 2014.

Along the way the car has been maintained rather than restored and has had a number of very sought after dealer options added as well as some rare GTHO Phase IV gear in recent years. It has had an engine rebuild in 2011 with solid lifters and cam to Phase 3 Specs with a 780 Holley and Phase IV style extractors fitted. A rare large capacity Phase IV winged sump has been fitted plus a 2.5" twin exhaust and a 3.25 diff ratio. A long range fuel tank (128 litre/28 gallon) with factory spare wheel tie down has also been fitted.

The car is now showing 62,478 miles and has continued to be maintained to a very high level and presents in showroom condition throughout. The car comes with the original restored Ford Option 52 Sports Road Wheels with brand new rubber plus a set of 5 genuine Bathurst Globes on red walled tyres.

The car was featured in The Australian Muscle Car Magazine's Issue 62 cover article on the XA GT Falcon with a huge multi page spread covering the design and production of the XA GT, the history of the model and the rarity of this exact motor car.

This is one of the nicest XA GT Falcons we have seen and has to be one of the best optioned and documented cars on the market today. For your inspection in our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom. (Ref. 5234)




JG33MK 86852K


T - JG33MK 86852K


L - 4 speed Top Loader Manual


I - Jewel Green


P - Parchment


03 - Seat Belts

06 - Power Steering

10 - Sun Roof

11 - Laminated Windshield tinted Band

40 - Air conditioning - Integrated

46 - Power Windows

52 - Sports Road Wheels

72 - Radio/Stereo Tape player - 4 speakers and fader

87 - Tinted Side and Rear Glass

90 - Delete Exterior Wax

Dealer Fitted Options or Upgrades:

61 - Styled exterior Left Hand Mirror

64 - Long Range Fuel Tank (128 litre/28 gallon)

81 - Adjustable decklid spoiler

82 - Front spoiler

95 - Heated Rear window

Bumper overriders front and rear

Internal boot release



Selling Dealer:

2128 - Alto Ford Gordon, NSW.