1974 Ford P5 LTD ... (SOLD)

When the first locally designed and built Ford LTD (meaning Lincoln Type Design) was released in August 1973 it allowed Ford to further tighten its grip on the local long wheelbase luxury car segment.

The Fairlane was still outselling Holden’s Statesman and Chrysler’s Chrysler by Chrysler and the LTD only added more pressure to Ford’s rivals.

The new LTD, codenamed the P5, replaced the locally assembled American Galaxie, which was not seen to be contributing enough money to Ford’s bottom line.

The list price of the LTD in 1973 was a hefty $7,750, which meant that only CEOs and taxpayer funded politicians got to travel in them.

And what a car they got!

The LTD boasted a massive 121 inch wheelbase, squared-off rear mudguards, concealed headlights, with a padded vinyl roof — to cover the welding seams on the extended roof.

There was a limo-styled smaller rear window, whitewall radial tyres, power steering, air conditioning, power windows, and an AM/FM stereo/cassette player — not to mention cut-pile carpeting and walnut grained dashboard inlay.

Power came from a 351 cubic inch V8, with an automatic transmission and four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes — an Australian first.

For sale is what we believe to be a one off special ordered Sand Yellow P5 LTD. This excellent example is a well presented and maintained survivor. This LTD has had a closed door respray to a excellent rust and damage free body shell and features the all original engine bay, door jambs and boot areas.

Mechanically the LTD runs perfectly with smooth power from the 2V 351 Cleveland coming through the bullet proof FMX auto and 9" combo. The car has working Air conditioning, power windows and a luxury cockpit that cocoons you in 70s glamour, transporting you instantly to a simpler time. This is a great cruiser. A very relaxing drive and reliable cruiser.

Riding on excellent tyres with those wonderful LTD styled wheel covers.

Located in our Kingsgrove, Sydney showroom for your immediate inspection. If you wish AMCS will gladly arrange a video inspection of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door freight delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. (Ref. 5607)

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