1978 XC Falcon Cobra No.31 - Bathurst Homologation Special ... (SOLD)

The last XC Falcon Bathurst Cobra built by FORD, build No. 31.

In our opinion, the holy grail of Falcon Cobras and Falcon Hardtops.

Not only because it is one of only thirty Option 97 Bathurst Cobras ever built.

Or that it is actually the very last Bathurst Cobra built.

But because it is also the very last Australian Ford specifically built as a competition homologation special, allowing the race teams legal access under CAMS regulations to the modified components and set-up unique to these 30 Cobra road cars so that they could race in the Australian Touring Car Championship and of course the Bathurst 1000.

According to Troy Postle, President of the Falcon Cobra Club of Australia, "The XC Cobra was the only Hardtop that Ford raced at Bathurst in the same livery as the street version that was sold to the general public. Four hundred XC Cobras were built with Build No. 00032 to 00400 known as Option 96 cars and Build No. 00002 to 00031 known as Option 97. These 30 cars are the cream of the crop and the most sought after by Car Enthusiasts and Collectors. No matter which car brand you love and support, everyone knows the XC Cobra and that iconic paint scheme."

Option 97 Bathurst Package cars were factory modified with a host of unique factory changes specifically designed with racing improvements in mind.

The mods included reworking the rear wheel inside housings to a maximum of 47" to accommodate the larger rubber of the race cars plus the fitment of a LHS only tramp rod due to the fact that the Bathurst circuit was generally a left hand cornering track. The front spring towers were reinforced with solid bracing and modifications were made to the number two suspension cross member. In addition, an unique fibreglass front spoiler was sourced from Bob McWilliams, designed to funnel air onto the front disc brakes. Unique body hugging Scheel KBA90018 front seats trimmed in black corduroy/cashmere cloth were fitted and the Bathurst cars were fitted with a transmission oil cooler, engine oil cooler, an idler arm brace, twin Davis Craig thermo electric radiator fans, a heavy duty radiator and that massive functional curved fibreglass bonnet scoop.

XC Cobra No. 31 is a unique offering among the 30 Bathurst specials. Of course it is the last one built. It is also a largely unmolested and original example with mostly original paint, all original engine bay and boot and also all original interior. The car still retains factory markings including the no. 31 stencilled to the underside of the hood cowling.

No. 31 also retains its original owner's log book and comes with numerous articles featuring the car including an article in Survivor Car Magazine and also a cover story in the latest Unique Cars Magazine.

If ever there was an opportunity to secure what is in our opinion one of the rarest and most significant Aussie Fords ever built, then this is the time to put your offer forward for this special car. Offers are invited over $600,000. This very special low mileage log book documented car has arrived in our showroom in Sydney and is now ready for your inspection. (AMCS Ref: 5640)

If you wish, AMCS will gladly arrange a video tour of the car using WhatsApp and of course there is no issue with door to door freight delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Also please note if you have a quality Muscle or Classic car you wish to list or have valued please give us a call at AMCS, we will be happy to assist you.


Offers over $600,000


JG65UM 00031K










03 - Seat belts

11 - Tinted laminated windscreen

45 - Limited slip differential

53 - 4 wheel power disc brakes

64 - Long range fuel tank

67 - Dual exhaust

97 - Cobra Bathurst Special Pack




Option 97 Bathurst Package - covering cars 00002 to 00031

Includes reworked rear wheel inside housings to accommodate the larger wheels

Front spring tower reinforcement, modified number two suspension cross member

Fibreglass front spoiler sourced from Bob McWilliams

Scheel KBA90018 front seats trimmed in black cloth, rear seats trimmed in black corduroy/cashmere cloth

Transmission oil cooler

Front strut braces, idler arm brace,

Electric radiator fan, heavy duty radiator and functional hood scoop.