VH R/T E37 Valiant Charger (SOLD)

Stunning fully restored and superbly sorted genuine E37 RT Charger in Hot Mustard. All original and matching 265 Hemi 6 Pac, 3 speed manual gearbox and 3.23:1 LSD. Original vented drums, original extractors and correct horns. Prize winning vehicle. Nothing to spend. Just enjoy the drive and the looks. On historic rego SA. Adelaide, SA car.




VH7S29 /BJ12-0478

Build Date:

October 1971


A66 - Hood fender dress up package

A95 - Interior dress up, Bucket seats, 3 spoke steering wheel.

B51 - Power Brake Booster

E37 - Six Pack engine, 248hp. Special rods,pistons,crank, bearings. Two plate clutch and special camshaft. Essentially this was the street going version of the E38.