VH E49 Charger ... Press test car (SOLD)

Genuine E49 in Vitamin C with black trim. Originally registered to Chrysler Australia and used as a promotional vehicle featured in Wheels and Sports Car World road tests. Comes with car magazine test reprints and original number plates. Bare metal rotisserie restoration including complete engine rebuild by Brad Tilley, dynoed at around 330hp. Rebuilt everything and all correct. Traveled 1,100 miles since. NSW rego on original ETQ-999 plates. Sydney car.





(Built June 13, 1972, the fifth one made, first Chrysler Fleet Car Dealer Code F100, used as press car for SCW Oct 1972)


D360F-00022 (factory replacement was originally D364C-00024)

Option Codes:

A87 - Small tank

A95 - Interior dress up package

D20 - 4 speed floor shift (close ratio)

D56 - Rear axle 3.5:1 ratio sure grip

E49 - 6 pack engine 302hp

G60 - Add quarter vents, delete pop out rear windows (standard for small tank)

Restoration specifications:

Since purchasing this vehicle it has had a bare metal restoration

Works included:

Complete engine rebuild by Brad Tilley includes

New forged pistons



Ported and polished

Solid lifters

Dynoed at around 330hp

New dual plate clutch

Alternator rebuilt

Starter rebuilt

Radiator refurbished

Transmission rebuild - Part No. 3546122 with Serial no. 1566

Tail shaft rebuilt and balanced

Diff rebuild

Steering box overhaul (16:1 ratio) fitted to A87 and A84 options

New brake components

New suspension components (including Bilstien shocks)

New tyres (red Line - 5 off)

All suspension and under body components media blasted to bare and painted 2 pack black

Body media blasted back to bear metal

Body rust proof coated in all joints

Body primed, painted Vit C and clear coated then hand colour sanded to high gloss finish

Dynamat installed under the carpet

Interior trim - (Black)

New door cards

New Kick panels

New carpet

Seats repaired and re trimmed

Instrument panel refurbished

New head lining

All armrests etc have been refurbish including bright finish (vacuum aluminium finish done in USA)