1971 XY GT Falcon Replica ... Factory Sunroof (SOLD)

Factory 351 K Code. Tick. Factory Vermilion Fire. Tick. Factory Golde SUNROOF. Tick. Yep this one ticks all the boxes! Plus the current owner has restored the car to a very high standard in 2017 with perfect paint and brand new GT white trim. Add to that a $14,500 4V 393 stroker Cleveland roller motor built by Solo Hercules engines @524hp and a tyre frying 528Nm of torque.

The car is driven through a rebuilt Top Loader 4 speed gearbox and a genuine XY 9" diff with 3.5:1 gear ratio and tramp rods. Other GT running gear includes a 4 core radiator, 16:1 steering box, genuine shaker, 4V heads, 36 gallon fuel tank with spare wheel tie down in the boot and genuine '72 Bathurst Globes. Add to that electronic ignition, an Edelbrock aluminium intake manifold and a 750DP Holley and you've got a bullet proof and reliable GT Replica.

Nothing beats the real thing but at over $300,000 for a genuine Vermilion Fire XY GT with factory Golde Sunroof, this is sure to be a welcome prize at less than half that price. Nothing to spend - just enjoy the drive and the looks you'll get in this genuine K code 351 muscle machine. Sydney car. (Ref. 5222)




JG23KA 42385


K - 351 Cleveland V8




6 - Vermilion Fire


B - Black